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Khushi FIBC Solutions is a leading plastics packaging suppliers in India with a diverse product portfolio comprising of FIBCs and Small bags and multilayer films (Flexible packaging).

We supply high quality packaging materials that can serve various sectors like Fertilizers, Agricultures, Polymer, Chemicals, Mining, Building, Cement etc. We understand the demands of our buyers and so our products are prepared as per their requirement.

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U+2 Panel FIBC Bags

These types of FIBC are most commonly used for general purpose needs of bulk packaging. These FIBC can be manufactured as per the requirement of the customer.

Ventilated FIBC Bags

These Bags are specially designed to store food items like potatoes, onions etc. The ventilated fabric permits the required air flow through the fabric into the bag, thus preventing spoilage due to moisture and mold build-up.

Baffles 4 Panel FIBC Bags

Baffles are extra fabric panels or pieces of string sewn into each of the bag's four corners. This reinforcement allows the bag to better hold its square shape when filled making them easier to store side by side or stack.

Tunnel Loop FIBC Bags

Tunnel Lift Builders Bags have been specially designed for use with fork lift trucks. The two continuous tunnels run along the sides of the bag allowing for easy loading onto truck forks.

Single Loop FIBC Bags

The 1- Loop and 2- loop bags are cost effective and suitable for bulk handling solutions. These bags are mainly used for storing larger volume and high capacity contents like, fertilizers, fish-feed, cement, seeds, chemicals, minerals, food grains, etc.

UN Circular Cross Corner FIBC Bags

One of the biggest benefits of using cross corner loop bags is the loop design and how they position themselves when the bag is full. These specific types of loops are designed to ensure that the lifting loops stand upright making it easier for forklift operators to grab and lift thus reducing bag handling times.

Baffle Cross Corner Loops FIBC Bags

Baffle FIBC bags have baffles in the corners which basically help the bags to retain their cubic shape once filled with material. They keep the bulk bag square shaped and stop them from bulging. Also, the strong outer layer of the bag protects it from being punctured and causing the material to leak out.

Circular Cross Corner Loops FIBC Bags

More specifically, baffles are fabric panels or strings sewn inside each of the bag's four corners that allow a bag to maintain a square shape when filled.